Your extra office space is full of cash – you just need the right tools to unleash it

Make Money

With a competitive price, you can find tenants and start supplementing your bottom line fast. We'll help you price your space to meet the market and maximise the income from your additional space.

Create a community

Welcoming more people into your office creates a vibrant energetic atmosphere that's proven to boost productivity and employee happiness. Get ready to attract fresh talent and motivate your team with a shared workspace.

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be part of a movement

Coworking is here to stay – it's easier, faster and way more flexible than commercial leasing, not to mention much cheaper. Send a message to the world and be part of the fun modern coworking movement of today.

it's easy

It's never been easier to rent out spare office space. we handle advertising, tour bookings, negotiations and contracts to make it super simple for businesses of all sizes to share their office space with others.

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Watch the video with Grant Philipp, Office Hub Founder & CEO, to find out how we help with leasing office space.

The rise of coworking

Working styles have changed: today’s young professionals require flexible offices that inspire and motivate.

Shorter leases with flexibility, exciting coworking atmospheres and plug-and-play workspaces to make life easy – this is what they’re looking for and we’re here to help you provide it.

Someone is looking for a space like yours

Whatever type of extra office space you have, someone is looking for a space like yours. It could be the ideal office for an ambitious entrepreneur, an exciting start-up or an established corporation. We get hundreds of enquiries every week from prospective tenants all over Philippines looking for an office in every imaginable location, style and budget. We might even already be in touch with someone who wants a space like yours.


Let’s get your office photographed, priced and looking great – it all starts with offering a well set-up office space.


We devise a tailored marketing campaign and advertise your space on all the top commercial
property portals.


We qualify every lead to make sure they’re perfect for your space, then book tours and collate feedback for you to see.


We work as the middle man to negotiate a great deal and we have a complimentary billing service to take the hassle off your hands.

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Case Study: From Empty Space to Leading Coworking Office

Emerge is one of Sydney’s fullest coworking offices – and it only opened five months ago. Discover how Emerge worked with Office Hub to successfully rent its office spaces in record time.

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Key factors such as location, styling and fit out make a great coworking space but it’s not a success until it’s full and buzzing with happy coworkers. At Office Hub we know how to find the right tenants for your office space.

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