The office hub toolkit

Useful tools and services to help you run a professional operation with ease

As an Office Hub workspace partner you benefit from exclusive access to a range of useful tools that will help you create a top class listing and run a professional operation for your new tenants. From how-to guides to industry standard license agreements, we provide all the information and tools you will need to rent out your office space. If there’s anything else you need, our dedicated support team is on hand to provide tailored advice for your office space.


Inventory & Lead Management

WALTA is the strongest tool in our kit and your new best friend. The Workspace and Lead Tracking Assistant is the first client portal of its kind in the industry. It hosts all our feedback and updates so you know where we’re at with every single deal. You can also manage your listings, update your pricing and refresh your office availability in realtime, helping to capture qualified leads and more enquiries. We’ll provide you with a how-to-use guide and can give personalised training for the portal over the phone so you’re totally empowered to use WALTA to its full capabilities. WALTA gives you more control and transparency than you’ve ever had from a workspace partner.


30-second proposals & lead feedback

Every wondered what a potential tenant really thinks of your space? Now you can find out – simply take 30 seconds to log your proposal in Abacus and you can see how they rate your workspace for presentation, tour experience and value for money. You’ll even see how many other workspaces you’re competing against. Completely confidential but more insight than ever? You’ll love the way we’re shaking up the industry with absolute transparency.


Affordable & professional workspace imagery

Some people want to take their own photos and some want professional images – whatever your preference, we’ll help you make sure your imagery shows your office in the best light. We have a self-photography guide that talks you through taking good photos on your smartphone, and we work with professional photographers near you if you’d like to get the best angles and lighting. Great photos generate up to 60 per cent more enquiries so let’s work together to get great pics and more tenants.


Virtual property tours

Office Hub listings with Virtual Tours receive more views, more enquiries and more tour bookings leading so it’s a no-brainer to invest in professional videography if you want a faster deal on your office space. Our Virtual Tours feature our very own CEO Grant Philipp touring your workspace with a representative from your office and uncovering all the great features for the audience – they’re the best way to interactively showcase your awesome space online. Your Virtual Tour features on your listing and the Office Hub YouTube channel.

Digital Campaigns

multi-channel online marketing for your space

Our digital campaigns offer a whole range of solutions across multiple digital channels. With enhanced listings, SEM, SEO, advertorials, banner advertising and social media, we deliver strong and effective campaigns targeted at qualified prospective tenants.

Contract Management

License Agreements & Secure Payments

Our secure payment system processes all bonds and initial rent payments so you never have to deal directly with money. This safeguards you against any foul play and makes sure you receive the agreed upfront payment prior to any new tenant moving into your office.

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No matter what kind of office or space you have to lease, Office Hub makes it simple and secure to find tenants, earn money and reach thousands of businesses looking for flexible office spaces.

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With our unique online portal WALTA, you’re in full control of your office pricing, availability, tours and office rules.

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